Catherine C - Scout Leadeer

On leading a large group cookery challenge

"Emma recently spent the evening at our Scout Group, running an evening of cooking  with 25 boys aged 10-14 years. The boys were cooking in groups of 5, on very basic Scout camp cooking equipment and minimal utensils! Emma provided a delicious menu of 3 authentic Caribbean dishes for each group to cook, using locally sourced bonafide ingredients.   The evening was a total success: each group had just over an hour to produce the 3 dish meal, on a 2-ring gas burner, and they all, unbelievably, managed this!  She spent the evening going from group to group, showing certain techniques, giving helpful tips and advice, answering questions and helping with any problems. She ensured that within an hour well presented, edible, meals were served, all workstations cleaned up and washing up done, no mean achievement!  The boys enjoyed trying the different food, and found the whole experience interesting and fun. Emma was a calm and patient instructor, and the boys responded well to her easy agreeable manner. Her passion for Caribbean food and culture is evident and I am already looking forward to asking her to repeat the evening at a future date!"

Tina H - PTA & GOVERNOR, Parent

On working with CookeryEatery
"I was lucky enough to have the support and commitment from the CookeryEatery team for numerous events on behalf of the school.  Cookery Eatery has supported us, advised us and carried out duties at the events for fairs and special themed events. Their knowledge of food/business planning was of great help, and their efficiency was most effective.  The team are able to deal with stressful situations during the events and resolve any problems that arise. They abides by our Health and Safety procedure, and encourages other parents to do so also. I am more than happy to let the CookeryEatery team take charge of the food areas at our events, and solely run them in her most efficient, cost effective way. They are all dedicated people whom the children take to and work with at ease.  The children think highly of them at the events and nothing is too much of a problem for her to deal with.   Personally, Emma and her team are a delight to work with; high motivated with an up tempo attitude."

Denise R - Cookery CaperS camper's Mum

Feedback after a camp day
"My son came on Wednesday for the first time and loved it. He would love to come again. Big thanks to you he loves food and enjoyed your sessions so much he even cooked a spaghetti bolognese tonight after buying the ingredients himself :).

Paula M - After school SUPPER club cook's Mum

On reasons for choosing CookeryEatery club
"I chose to encourage my daughter to do CookeryEatery for a variety of reasons; not all culinary. My 9 year old has always struggled with literacy and lacks confidence when faced with books to read however I have noticed she likes to look at cookery books and read recipes; interestingly though she does not like tasting new things! My primary goal for her was to get her trying new foods and she did and her enthusiasm had me thinking what am I missing out on and consequently I have tried a few new foods too! All in all a positive experience and a renewed love of trying new foods so we are looking forward to summer and exploring lots of different cuisine."

Kate W - Primary School Teacher

Themed cookery day with Year 2
"There were a number of food technology skills which needed to be taught and Emma was able to advise as to authentic Caribbean foods, whilst adjusting recipes to allow for matters such as nut allergies, the skills which needed to be covered, time restrictions and availability of ingredients.  
Each week Emma would support a group of children to cook a different recipe which the class would then taste and evaluate. Emma was very organised and demonstrated skills for the children, explaining what they were doing and why. My class of 6-7 year olds all enjoyed these sessions and were keen to do more. At the end of term the children invited their parents into school and served them with some of the dishes which they had learnt to cook. The parents were very impressed; both by the food produced, but also by the children’s knowledge and skills. The children really enjoyed this as well and felt very proud of their accomplishments."