Partners and collaborators

We believe in investing in the long term good for the sake of our customers, cooks, staff and business. We also believe that the passion, art, professional insight and skills involved in making gorgeously good food is not achievable in isolation.  Here are some people and companies that we have chosen to work with on specific projects and on continual bases and whose approach and services we really rate! 

If you'd like to connect with us and start a food related dialogue from the perspective of something you're passionate and driven about, please get in touch pronto. 



We work closely and at length with these selective and other venues,  where we deliver our cook-along clubs, camps and other programs.  This includes conducting risk assessments, extensive trials and working alongside their teams to ensure we host fantastic events.  Get in touch if you'd like us to bring cookery, and the sweet smells that arise from our sessions to your community kitchen.