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We learn, we make, we inspire!


We have developed a number of exciting sessions, on both general and specific cookery and food topics and themes, which appeal to all ages from 0 years and up. 

CookeryEatery was born out of the desire to create a unique program for younger members of the community, we then extended our reach to older children and adults on the same principle - that FOOD IS FUN!  We create settings for hands-on guidance, using specialist tools for children and only operate small, informal groups for lots of individual attention. We believe that this gives many opportunities for your child to sample and experience new tastes and textures in a fun and supportive way.  Our animated session mentors, experienced in cookery and life in general, inspire and encourage the participants, both young and old alike, to reconnect with ingredients, techniques, and food. 




Ingredient discovery is the start point for learning how to cook, and is the focus in this first introduction to food and cookery. Tastes, textures and basic kitchen skills are presented through a guided story followed by exploration of food in short sessions aimed a strengthening hand eye coordination, dexterity and using tools, eating habits, vocabulary development and working with numbers. 
We touch, taste, cut, tear, mix, spread and shred our way to  fun food inspiration for the very youngest cooks in training.

Juniors (4-11)

Our sessions aimed specifically for primary aged children include After School Supper Clubs, weekend workshops, Make'n Takes, and the very popular day camps during the holidays.  Our passion lies in encouraging children (and their responsible adults) to eat greater variety of good quality whole foods by getting the kids into the kitchen.  Our Food Passport will see them go from finicky eaters to eager diners in the space of a few short sessions (trust us, we've seen the evidence!). 


We've created a series of cook-along sessions for tweens and teens, where they can have fun with friends while being inspired to make wise decisions about how they will feed themselves as they become more independent in life.  We support families in the home to get cooking from scratch and be inspired to eat well - we find CookeryEatery children are great at teaching Mums and Dads what they have learnt and very eager to pass the message on! 

Cookery EaterY Parties for CHILDREN

In addition, we host awesome birthday parties – the children make their food, and a special dessert (and eat it!).  We take care of it all from invitations to clear up afterwards.   Voila! 

Please email for more details. 

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