Children's cookery camps

'Please don't pack me a lunch (or tea!)'

Our holiday camps are fun, engaging and educational all rolled into one.  We welcome our club cooks and other children aged 4-11 from all schools, abilities and experience (or not) in the kitchen.  It gives children an ideal opportunity to spend down time with their friends, meet new ones,  and enjoy chilled out time while being creative in and out of the kitchen.  

They will make the 3 typical meals we eat each day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then there's the snacks!

Not only will they learn about the ingredients, how to store and prepare them, but are led in blue skies thinking about what to do with our baskets full of food so they are inspired to get into the kitchen at home afterwards.  

We link arts, crafts, plant growing, design, and decoration into each day at camp day, all as they are related to the food we eat.   Each day is unique, follows the seasonality of locally grown and available items and often themed to celebrate recognized dates in the calendar year.  We operate each and every school holiday, between 13-16 weeks each year and from multiple venues, offering a varied choice of location and day's theme.  



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