“Cookbooks, it should be stressed, do not belong in the kitchen at all. We keep them there for the sake of appearances; occasionally, we smear their pages together with vibrant green glazes or crimson compotes, in order to delude ourselves, and any passing browsers, that we are practicing cooks; but in all honesty, a cookbook is something you read in the living room, or in the bathroom, or in bed.” 
― Anthony LaneNobody's Perfect: Writings from The New Yorker

  • Is your cookbook collection taking over the house, and rivals the local library? 
  • Have you noticed  the growing stack of titles on the bedside table?
  • Does your regular weekly shop now include the latest celebrity chef's best seller?
  • Could you happily daydream over the pages of Heston's latest book gracing your coffee table?    
  • You're an amateur who wants to learn tips and tricks from other cooks?


If any of these sound like you, and your obvious appreciation of the UK's billion £ cookbook industry is anything to go by, this club could be for you. Join fellow cookbook lovers for a book club with a difference.  We meet once a month in a member's home to  share dinner, company and talk all manner of things food.  It's simple to join and really fun to take part in this ultimate 'pot luck' style supper.  Chose a recipe from the featured book or author (chef, cook, blogger), let us know what you're bringing, make the dish and bring it along to club.  Together with the other guests, who've each made a another selection, you'll be able to sample from each of the recipes, to get a really good taste of the book. 

For more information and to let us know you'd like to join in, please get in touch here:   
All cookbook clubs are  hosted around Hitchin & Letchworth, North Herts and Mid Beds on Friday evenings from 7:30 pm

CookBook Clubs in 2018

  • january 26, 2018     |   HITCHIN            | COOKBOOK: JAMIE OLIVER's '5 INGREDIENTS'  

  • MARCH 9, 2018          |   Hitchin            | Cookbook: SABRINA GHAYNOUR's 'FEASTS'

  • mAY 11, 2018          |   HITCHIN            | COOKBOOK TBA

  • JULY 6, 2018             |   LOcation tba    | COOKBOOK TBA

  • AUGUST 31, 2018       |   location tba    | COOKBOOK TBA

  • OCTOBER 5, 2018       |   location tba   | COOKBOOK TBA

  • NOVEMBER 23, 2018   |   location tba   | COOKBOOK TBA