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Cooking Parties for Children


Our cooking parties are the perfect choice for your budding Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith. The party children prepare and cook dessert for the birthday child, and while its baking, they craft a series of foods to eat for their lunch or tea.  You can choose from a wide variety of recipes or even theme your party - for example, Chinese, Indian or good ole American Dogs and Fries! 

We can hold the party at any venue you choose provided it has a kitchen or servery - you may even decide to hold the party at your home.
We take it from there, and provide everything you'll need for a party to remember - invitations, aprons, utensils, ingredients & party bags and thank you notes. 
Food is the perfect way to bring friends and families together in the celebration of special moments - please call us today or complete the form below for options and prices. 

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