Emma is the founder of CookeryEatery, a company dedicated to valuing the food we prepare and eat in the family home.  She is a normal mum of two who has a lifelong love for cooking and celebrating food.  She has a multi-cultural upbringing and career, having spent parts of her life in Canada, Europe and the tropics, which gives her a unique insight into food tastes and thinking from around the world.

Emma will say she is not an expert in nutrition nor a chef.  What she is, is someone who loves to cook, who people will relate to.  There is a lot of pressure today, especially with current food entertainment TV shows and competitions, suggesting you need to be an expert to make something well.  Gone are the days of spending time with Mum or Nan in the kitchen, learning traditional techniques and practicing them until confidence takes over.  From feedback she hears, everyday people feel deflated when it comes to cooking, and do not have the confidence or know-how to prepare good food in the home under increasing time pressures. She believes that people don’t feel judged or patronized through the CookeryEatery approach, because she firmly believes the food you prepare should be about tasting good, being good for you and the love you stir in – not the way it looks or attempting to create perfection.  

CookeryEatery is focused on engaging with children in a social way through cooking and eating to foster skills for a happy and fulfilled life.  The company specializes in working with and inspiring children to be creative and mindful about the way they nourish their bodies in a non-pressured environment, so parents can learn from children as much as the other way round.  The after school supper clubs, workshops and holiday camps she has developed encourage the young ‘cooks’ to eat a greater variety of food by involving them directly in the preparation of ingredients, cooking and serving of food to share among others at the table. The company slogan is  “First we cook.  Then we eat.”

Emma is a classic kitchen table entrepreneur.  She has a background in marketing, training and working with children.  She has an eye for ideas and thrives on challenges, presenting practical and genuine solutions, and making things happen.  She is well placed to contribute as a guest blogger or expert in family eating and recipe ideas, or an ideal case study as an entrepreneur.

To contact Emma, drop her a line - she'd love to hear your comments and suggestions. 

Inspired to Inspire 

Two little boys of her own, and lifetime of caring for and being inspired by children led Emma to consider how we eat in a different way.  What if children were encouraged to become aware of their own taste buds, likes and dislikes,  and to take a degree of ownership about what they ate? Emma discovered that decision making, being directly involved in making their own meals, and discussion about food in general,  led to success in her own and other children feeling willing to sample new and exotic ingredients. And mostly, they liked what they ate!   Her home is filled with willing taste testers, who share ideas for recipes that other kids would love, and continue to offer fun ways to connect with food, ingredients and all things delicious and good for us. 

The original CookeryEatery cooks were Ethan and Liam. Pictured here in the first aprons, they have been encouraged to investigate, touch, feel, smell and generally get involved in the food our family expects them to eat. Be it in the kitchen, at the shops and markets, in the garden or at a local working farm, opportunities to learn about food and ingredients to make good food well started for the boys at day 1.  Since then  Emma and the team have welcomed hundreds of children to clubs, camps, school fun days, and all manner of parties. 

Our young cooks continue to lead our programming, their ideas & wishes to try new things are written into our plans, and remain a central driving force in all that we do.